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How to Reuse Electronic Components?

Electronic components can be reused in many different ways. If socketyou’re disordering capacitors off of a circuit board, for instance, they could simply be soldered into a circuit board that is in need of a component of the same specifications. Resistors, transistors and other components may also be reused in the same fashion.
Some components really require no more than detaching mounting screws and disconnecting a power supply to be reused. For instance, case fans that are oftentimes tossed out with an old computer can be detached and reused quite easily, without any real modification or testing at all. If they work, they work.

Before you reuse any electronic component, be sure you do the following:

  • Test the component to make sure it’s still working
  • Verify the specifications of the component—voltage, amperage, etc.
  • Clean the component using an appropriate method